Ciders of Spain
Fotografía de producto
Dirección: James Asbel
Producción: Omar Tuero
Fotografía: Marcos Arroyo

Ciders of Spain es una empresa fundada por James Asbel dedica a la importación y distribución de sidra asturiana para intruducirla en el mercado americano.
I have been fascinated by Spanish culture and cuisine for over forty years. From my first visit as a student in 1974 I have been captivated by the people, environment, sounds, smells and flavors of the place. Professional assignments and the friendships that have grown out of them have made Spain’s cider region in the north, Green Spain, my regular haunt.

In Spain hospitality means sharing the pleasures of the land, the best local food and drink. For no other virtue than the fact that I keep returning to this less travelled Atlantic rim of Iberia I have been lavished with the best the region has to offer.

James Asbel, founder

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